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for baby and nursery products of the brand Treyco and private-label brand Ding Baby.

MekK strives to supply you with unique, well-made baby products for competitive prices.

MekK Internationl

After having worked for many years in the baby branch with great success, the MekK group was founded out of ambition to make unique products. We sought contact with multiple factories to find the right manufacturer.
What was important to us was that the products were of satisfactory quality and could be produced at a fair price. After some experimenting with different products and factories, the brand Ding Baby was born. Ding Baby focuses on the essentials to make comfortable and safe baby products.
The products by Ding Baby are private label, which means you can choose to use your own branding for the products. It’s also a possibility to stick with the existing Ding Baby branding when preferred. By buying products produced by Ding Baby, customers can be sure they will not be paying for expensive brand image, marketing campaigns and product designs. Instead they are paying for practical, well-made products at a fair price. This makes for products that basically sell themselves!
The brand Treyco was created to fulfil the demand for premium baby products for mid-range prices. Treyco products have unique designs and the materials are hand-picked to make sure they are of the best quality. Treyco ensures that high-quality products are no longer a luxury that customers cannot afford.

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